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The 2018 Juried Awards Recipients Announced

The juries have convened, deliberated, and have chosen the recipients for the 2018 Betty Mitchell Awards juried awards:

  • Nathan Pronyshyn for the Duval Lang Theatre for Young Audiences Award presented in conjunction with Quest Theatre, honouring Outstanding Achievement in Theatre for Young Audiences;

  • Trudie Lee for the Dean Ott / Debbie Boult Award honouring Outstanding Achievement in Technical Production

  • Ruth Bond for the Greg Bond Memorial Award recognizing Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre in Calgary;

  • Christopher Newton for The Betty Mitchell Outstanding Achievement Award

Join us on June 25, 2018 for the 21st Annual Betty Mitchell Awards at Vertigo Theatre where we will honour the recipients.

The 2018 Duval Lang Theatre for Young Audiences Award honours Nathan Pronyshyn

Nathan Pronyshyn became Vertigo Theatre's Y Stage Producer in 2009 under the mentorship of Suzanne Mott, the General Manager and the original Producer of the Y Stage Series. Suzanne says "Within an hour of meeting Nathan Pronyshyn, I knew I had found that individual [to hand the series over to]. He was intelligent, knowledgable about the milieu, had an established aesthetic for the work and a strong desire to be part of something that could add to Calgary's theatrical offerings and make a difference for the young people in our city". Nathan took Y Stage and build it up beyond Suzanne's wildest dreams by bringing in content for all ages, from Kindergarten to High School. In the 2011/2012 Y Stage Series Season, Nathan developed a new original work, n00b by Christopher Duthie, a first for the Y Stage Series, where the production went on to tour to Toronto, Saskatoon, Banff and other local venues.

Nathan was a cornerstone for the National TYA circuit, securing multiple-city tours of national and international companies to bring premiere TYA work to Calgary and across Canada. His leadership was recognized across the country in the TYA sector and was regularly asked to sit on panels to share his knowledge with producers and presenters.

"The Duval Lang award was given to Nathan Pronyshyn this year in recognition for his longstanding excellence, deep commitment and memorable contribution to theatre for young audiences. The committee noted the strong support and cross-segment recognition of his work, which was unanimously lauded in festival, presentation, institutional and production contexts" - The 2018 Jury of the Duval Lang Award

This annual award was created to honour an individual or group of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution or significant achievement in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences in Calgary. This award is made possible through a partnership between Quest Theatre and the Betty Mitchell Awards and is supported by a fund established in 2008 at the Calgary Foundation by a group of generous donors in recognition of Duval Lang.

Duval Lang was the founding Artistic Director of Quest Theatre and spent 25 years making theatre accessible, meaningful, and enjoyable to young audiences. Along the way he has nurtured many emerging artists who have been inspired by his influence. Duval’s dedication to his craft has, and will continue to have, a significant legacy in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences.

The 2018 Dean Ott/Debbie Boult Award honours Trudie Lee

"This recipient is a trailblazer in the field. She has paved the way for others to hone the craft and for them to be able to do this as a career! She has seen the breadth of the theatre communities history and has played a large role in that visual archival history. Without this person we wouldn't have beautiful photography which we use to promote, boast and archive the tireless work we do! Trudie Lee is truly a pioneer in the filed and has worked along side all of us at one time or another to capture the magic that we create!" - Deitra Kayln, Chair of the Ott/Boult Jury for 2018

The Dean Ott / Debbie Boult Award was created to annually honour a member of Calgary’s theatre community who has made a major contribution or significant achievement in the area of technical production in Calgary. This award is given in recognition of Dean Ott and Debbie Boult. Throughout their lives, Dean and Debbie continually strove for excellence and were regarded as a benchmark for professionalism. The recipient of this award will reflect Dean and Debbie’s passion for their craft.

The 2018 Greg Bond Memorial Award honours Ruth Bond

This year the Board & Chairs of the Greg Bond Award have chosen Ruth Bond in honour of the 20th Anniversary of the Greg Bond Memorial Award and the Legacy she has built around the award in her son's memory.

The monetary portion of the award will be donated to StoryBook Theatre for youth to attend their annual Musical Theatre Camps.

From Hal Kerbes, “Each year, the Greg Bond Memorial Award is presented by the Bond Family and the Toronto Community foundation in memory of Greg Bond (1954–1989). He was an energetic, enthusiastic and extremely talented actor/singer/dancer/musician who had a remarkable respect for, and from, the musicians and musical theatre artists with whom he delighted in working.

The award honours contribution to the profile of musical theatre in Calgary. It recognizes a cooperative spirit, a sound work ethic, and acknowledges outstanding achievement by peers.

The Betty Mitchell Outstanding Achievement Award will be awarded to Christopher Newton

This year’s outstanding achievement award is going to Christopher Newton for Legacy. He has dedicated 50 years to the stewardship of theatre companies across Canada. And it all started here in Calgary. As the founding artistic director of Theatre Calgary, he helped shaped professional theatre in this fine city of ours. And Calgary had a profound effect on his career as an artistic director and director. At the close of TC’s 50th anniversary, it feels suiting to pay tribute to its beginnings under Mr. Newton.

The Betty Mitchell Outstanding Achievement Award is not awarded annually, but rather, it is awarded when the Betty Mitchell Awards Board receives a Nomination for an individual worthy of recognition who cannot not be honoured in any of the Betty Mitchell Awards other Award and/or Juried Award categories. Over the 20 year history of the Betty Mitchell Awards, this Outstanding Achievement Award has recognized some of the Calgary’s most profoundly influential theatre makers, theatre goers, theatre volunteers; artists important for their work onstage, offstage and at every stage in-between. Quite simply: this award honours to those people, without whom, the art of theatre-making would not be possible.

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