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The New West

When I was new to Calgary, I noticed things. I noticed that the air felt dry and so did my skin. I noticed that the sunsets were long because there were no mountains and I noticed that spring smelled like melting snow (because there was a lot of it). As I was swearing to myself that I would move as soon as school was over, I started to notice the theatre community. I noticed an amazing amount of energy in this city. Calgary is the new west (according to highway signage) and it takes a certain amount of energy to create something new. It just so happens that Calgary has massive amounts of the resource needed: Curiosity. The curiosity needed to fuel new plays, new voices and new thinking seems to run deep in the ground. This makes people who are doing new things welcome new people to do these new things with them.

It’s been ten years now. I’m not new anymore. I don’t notice the air, the light or smell of snow but its home and there’s still always something new to explore.

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