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Guess Who the Calgary Theatre Community Is?

This is the Calgary Theatre Community to me:

​​That actor who after turning down an offer from a theatre because he was unavailable, agreed on short notice to spend the whole day at the auditions because the reader that theatre had booked was sick.

The TD who loaned all of the set pieces we needed for our no-budget co-op presentation at no cost, saying that sets and props were like actors: they would rather be on stage than not on stage.

That director who gave me my first professional gig in Calgary via a telephone audition when I had just had my tonsils out, and who payed a non equity member out of his own pocket because he didn't think it was fair that the non-equity member was not paid overtime. (and if you think you know which director this is, well brush your bangs to the side and swear, because you are right!)

That glorious actress, one of the first people I met in Calgary, who, after only knowing me about a year, (and not really knowing my husband at all) arrived at my Mother In Law's funeral and hugged me

That director who set up a dressing room as a pumping room, equipped with a small fridge, for my friend who was in rehearsal and breastfeeding at the same time

All of the actors and directors and technicians and administrators who sit down with teens (including mine) and mentor them.

The high school teachers who are the start of everything.

That director, who without question cancelled a performance when my step dad died and the actress friend who came to my first show back so that I would know I had someone on my side.

Everyone who doesn't make fun of Neil Diamond. And Everyone who does.

The improvisers who appear with 4 different improv companies in the same week, and want this city to be knows as an improv hot spot.

That young, emerging director with the brand new company who picks me up out of my comfort zone, tosses me in the air, pulls away the net, and lets me find out what falling feels like

The directors who are diving into the huge pool of talent appearing on community theatre stages, and who are renovating the rec center so that the two pools of talent swim together.​​

Those volunteers (not mentioning any names Diane Blackwell and Carol Dann) who see so much theatre, sometimes two or three times, and volunteer for so many events that I honestly think that they ARE the Calgary theatre scene.​​

Stage Managers. 'nuff said.

Dale Turri . Ditto

All of the people of our city who agree that sometimes theatre just has to be discussed, (or maybe not discussed), over breakfast and a game of Scrabble.

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