Changes to Voting System

Betty Mitchell Steering Committee announces changes to Passport System and voting procedures.

Only 25 shows required to receive a ballot.

Calgary, AB – The Steering Committee of the Betty Mitchell Awards has announced changes to the voting procedures effectively immediately for the 2008/2009 theatre season.

“Calgary’s theatre community, and audience base has grown and changed a lot over the past 12 years,” says Marcie Januska, Chair of the Betty Mitchell Steering Committee, “and as a committee it is our job to proactively ensure that the Bettys change and grow along with the community.”

“The changes we are implementing this season are exciting,” continues Januska, “After introducing a Passport system two years ago in a move to broaden the base of voters, the committee discovered that a number of people have each year been just short of meeting the eligibility requirements to receive a ballot. This change to 25 performances will assist to increase the base of voters and subsequently ensure the integrity of the awards is preserved.”

The annual awards show will celebrate its 12th year this season recognizing outstanding achievement in the professional theatre community. Over those years the procedures for voting have evolved with the community in a precise effort to maintain and heighten the integrity of the awards.

Other voting changes that will also assist in broadening the base of voters to be implemented in the coming seasons are as follows: • Ballots will be sent to Calgary residents who received a Betty Mitchell Award in the previous year. • Increasing the number of people on the nominating committee.

These voting changes do not effect the nomination or the final voting process. Nominating committee members are still required to see at least 75% of the eligible productions every year. The nominating committee members will still be the only people creating the ballot, as has been the case since the very first Betty Mitchell Awards 11 years ago. The Steering committee will continue to ask every ballot recipient to vote only if they have seen 4 of the 5 nominated shows in a category. Seeing 25 shows a year gives the public a significant chance to be able to vote in most categories.

Passports are available and can be stamped at all eligible theatre company box offices. A list of eligible productions for the coming season is available at Passports can also be requested by emailing for more information.

The Betty Mitchell Awards are a significant annual event for Calgary’s professional theatre community. These awards recognize the continued level of excellence in our theatres, raise the profile of live performance in our city and encourage audience growth.

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